Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perfect Pant Quest-The Muslin

Started the muslin-cut everything out except the waistband. I decided to wait on that until I have everything put together so I can double check the length it needs to be. Got the fronts put together, see anything wrong here?

Ahh crap, 2 left fronts-this is what happens when I get in a hurry!

After the initial cursing and then ripping I now have a right and left front. Yippee!

That's better, now I can continue

I went on with the next step of adding the zipper. I have found that McCall's 5391 has the easiest fly and zipper assembly and instructions.This may be the norm and nothing new to most of you but I have had some pretty involved fly instructions before. You first stitch the front sections together from the bottom of the fly to a small circle (which I didn't transfer so I just went a little ways down the curve of the crotch). Then fold back the left extension and place the zipper right side up with the teeth close to the folded edge and stitch.

Zipper stitched to left front extension
 Next, lay the zipper the other side of the zipper tape to the right extension and stitch keeping the front free.
Zipper stitched to right extension

Then you open it out flat and on the front top stitch down to the bottom of the fly.
Topstiching on outside of front fly

I then stitched up the inner legs, center seam, sides, and gave them a whirl. Now I have to warn you the next photo is not terribly flattering, but the pants fit pretty darn good so far. I tried to get a shot of the back side since the seat and all fit so nice, but I found it's very difficult to photograph one's own bottom or bum bum as my 4yr old calls it. Plus, for some reason I clinch my butt when I take pictures I found that a bit odd and somewhat amusing but I will spare you.
Me and my muslin-next step waistband!

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