Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfect pants-Waistband

I determined from the put together muslin that my waistband needs to be 41 1/4" long (these sit low that isn't my actual waist measurement, but it's getting close as the years pass). Since I like how the Simplicity pattern waist fits with it being pretty wide and the curve fittting me I would just use it as a guide . So I had to change it from a side opening to front plus I wanted one long waistband without seams at the sides. So, I pinned the front and back pattern pieces together and traced them to make one long waist band that I will cut on the fold and the length needed to fit on the muslin.

New waistband piece
I cut out 2 waist bands per my new pattern using one as the facing attached them to the muslin and slipped my new pants on. Now the muslin is not looking too pretty but the fit is good and I guess that is the point. They actually look much better in person than in the photos. I am now on to making a real pair out of wearable fabric.

Finished muslin!  Next-real fabric!

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